Our Services

In-House Lab

In the food and beverage industry one way you can separate yourself from your competition is in the quality products and service that you represent. Marigold regards itself as one of the top locations in the country when it comes to the products that we carry and the services that we offer. We are always determined to be the best company for the customers we ship to and the customers we handle product for. Every load that we manufacture or transfer is tested in our in-house lab. We strive to ensure that only the finest quality products are sent to you.

Quality Assurance

We have a full time quality assurance team that is constantly monitoring the processes taking place at our facilities. They play a major role in making sure that we always ship products that are made to your exact specifications and are always the quality people have come to expect from Marigold.

24-Hour Production

Marigold operates around the clock 365 days per year allowing us the ability to come through for you any-time, day or night. Whether you need a load of liquid sucrose, bulk sugar, or a load out of our warehouse we will always be there for your needs.

Onsite Rail

Along with our product storage tanks Marigold has onsite rail track storage for over 55 railcars between our two locations. Coupled with our own railcar mover, our employees can relocate railcars around the plant without the assistance of the railroad.


Every load of liquid sucrose that is produced at Marigold is Kosher certified.

Heat Treatment / Micro-Kill

Marigold is one of the only companies in the country that offers the ability to heat treat liquid sucrose. This is a treatment that kills any possible micro growth by spiking the temperature to a specific range and then immediately cooling it back down. Giving you the peace of mind that your liquid sucrose is as fresh as it possibly can be.

On-Scale Loading

We load our liquid trucks while they are on a certified truck scale to ensure we are shipping product to you as quickly as possible with extremely accurate weights.

Liquid Storage

We have 13 liquid storage tanks on site. This allows us to keep product on hand for those last second emergency loads.

Tank Wash

Marigold has the ability to wash and dry any type of bulk trailer in house to help keep our turnaround time to a minimum. Our wash facility is Kosher Certified.